Can I bring my own drinks/food or homemade pies to a midnight snack?

Vanajanlinna with its surroundings is our hotel restaurant area. It is a part of our restaurant licensed premises, so you are not allowed to bring your own food or drinks to the area.

How much does a wedding reception for about 100 persons cost?

A wedding reception price is difficult to assess, until we know what services and facilities the bride and the groom want to be included. Besides, wedding weekend food and beverage menus as well as accommodation affect the price. We always make individual offers for all wedding couples in accordance with their wishes.

Is it possible for the guests to check in already before 15.00 o'clock?

If the rooms were not occupied the previous night, earlier check in may be possible. If the rooms were occupied the previous night, they are cleaned between 12.00 and 15.00. If the wedding reception is held here in the castle area, we recommend that you start at 16.00, after all the guests have had the possibility to check in to their rooms. It is also important that the bride and the groom mention already in the invitation that the rooms will be available only after 15.00 o’clock.

Do you have photos with different decorations and flower arrangements?

Yes, we have a variety of event photos, which you may use as an inspiration for your own celebration. We ask all our newlyweds to share photos from their events, if possible, to inspire other couples.

Is accommodation always compulsory for wedding guests?

In general, wedding receptions in Vanajanlinna always include some amount of accommodation. In high season (June-September), we offer min. 120 person wedding receptions, and accommodation is always necessary then. Guests can book their own accommodation directly from Vanajanlinna, so the wedding couple does not need to take care about it.

How can I book an accommodation?

On-line booking is commonly used, especially for larger wedding receptions. We will assign your wedding reception its own code, which will be delivered to wedding guests together with the invitation. Thus, the guests are free to book their accommodation and pay for it. Sure, the bride and the groom can also book accommodation during registration and send the guests names and the room list directly to the sales office a few weeks before the wedding reception.

Could we make decorations the previous day/evening?

If the premise was not booked for the previous day/night by another group, you could decorate it well in advance. In general, our restaurant lay dining tables the night before, so, therefore, the space is ready for decorations and others the wedding morning at the latest.

What kind of decorations are available at Vanajanlinnalla for wedding receptions? Are there any pictures?

Vanajanlinna handles table clothes, and wedding coulee could bring their own/order their favorite decorations. In general, bridesmaids and best men decorate and prepare the room the night before, but our staff can also do it at extra charge.

You can order flowers from a flower shop, or we can take care of it as well on behalf of the bride and the groom.

How wedding receptions are paid?

We charge a booking fee of € 1,500 immediately after the wedding reception confirmation. Thereafter, we usually charge everything related to the wedding reception in two installments in advance in accordance with our payment terms. The final invoice will be charged on the spot after the wedding reception and the booking fee paid before will be compensated at the same time.